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Mars turned to Foundry for help driving awareness of IAMS Cat Food and promoting their educational Check Your C.A.T.S. campaign.

Each section of the hub took a deep dive into each of the Color The team built a custom digital tentpole that housed an interactive quiz, a flipcard article, two infographics, and two long-form articles. Anchored in Daily Paws, the content featured fun cat imagery and bright, eye-catching colors designed to keep readers engaged.

This program drove awareness of IAMS cat food and aligned with the cat education goals of their Check Your CATS campaign. Full of fun cat images and bright colors, we created a tentpole page that includes 6x premium pieces of content: 1x quiz, 1x flipcard, 2x infographics, and 2x articles all custom designed. Each of the individual article pages also featured a client-provided video at the top.