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Campbell’s® wants to simplify weeknight mealtime — 
no matter your tastes or schedule. 

Millennials strive to make homemade meals their families and friends will love, but they don’t have unlimited time to search the internet for the perfect recipe, or hours to make whatever they eventually find. Campbell’s® tapped The Foundry with an opportunity and a challenge: to demonstrate how its Red & White soups are the key to making fast, flavorful weeknight dinners, and how to showcase their versatility without adding to decision fatigue.

That led The Foundry to create “Dinner Inspirations,” an interactive destination on Allrecipes that presented readers with the perfect weeknight dish based on how much time they had to cook, who would be joining for dinner, what everyone was craving, and more. Through proprietary technology and Allrecipes’ network of top-tier cooking talent, we were able to deliver a seamless experience connecting readers with the right recipe featuring Campbell’s®.

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The Foundry reached out to five Allrecipes Allstars, a crew of passionate home cooks who produce many of the brand’s most highly rated and viewed recipes, and asked them to come up with easy, delicious dinner ideas in which a Campbell’s® condensed soup was the star. They also provided dinnertime tips and inspiration in a series of native articles, Instagram Stories, Pinterest Pins, and more.

Each Allrecipes AllStar shared three dinner ideas featuring a variety of Campbell’s® products. The Foundry took those 15 recipes and tested them to make sure each one tasted great, featured the product in a smart and central way, and would be easy enough to make on a hectic weeknight. We plugged those 15 dinner ideas, along with more than 150 recipes from the Campbell’s® test kitchen, into the database for “Dinner Inspirations.”

We also captured stunning photography of every recipe so readers would feel compelled to make them at home. The beautiful images and gifs were amplified on social media to drive traffic to “Dinner Inspirations.”

In order to find the right recipe, readers were asked a series of questions, inputting answers to help drive a result that met their preferences. When presented with the best-fitting recipe, users had the opportunity to visit the recipe page or give the experience another spin.

Dinner Inspirations” positioned Campbell’s® as the secret weapon for quick, flavorful weeknight dinners — and did so in a speedy, seamless way. Just by asking a few easy questions, we were able to present readers with a recipe we thought they would enjoy, introducing a new generation of home cooks to Campbell’s® Red & White products.