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T.J.Maxx wants to take every fashion enthusiast from non-believer to believer. 

The retailer tapped The Foundry for help getting customers to believe in the breadth of high-quality, name-brand styles they can find in T.J.Maxx stores. The Foundry took a year-long, video-first approach focused on three key shopping moments: Mother’s Day, New York Fashion Week, and the holiday season. Three premium articles for PEOPLE, Byrdie, and InStyle, each of which featured custom video and photography as well as influential talent, showed consumers the journey from non-believer to believer.

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To give T.J.Maxx additional credibility in the fashion space, The Foundry chose industry experts, including a stylist, style editor, and an Emmy award-winning TV producer, as talent.

The PEOPLE “Make the Most of Mother’s Day” and InStyle “How to Holiday-ify Your Wardrobe Like a Pro” executions featured a believer walking a non-believer through a selection of on-trend clothes and accessories at impressive price points. Video content captured the non-believer’s authentic reactions, while accompanying written content broke down which pieces caught the talent’s eye and why.

The “Watch a Byrdie Contributor Build Her Fashion Month Wardrobe” content on Byrdie followed one non-believer as she styled three runway-ready looks ahead of New York Fashion Week. In the video, the talent spoke directly to the audience, breaking down quality cues and explaining how consumers can swap everyday essentials for high-quality, name-brand options from T.J.Maxx.

Strong CTRs and engagement throughout all three flights indicated that the Dotdash Meredith audience spent time reading through the content and clicking on the URLs within. In short? The Foundry helped T.J.Maxx communicate and connect with their ideal consumer.