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Nature Valley hosted a field trip to remind families why it’s the go-to snack for outdoor adventures.

Already a fixture in pantries everywhere, Nature Valley wanted to raise its profile among active families with school-age kids. It was time to show them why Nature Valley is the perfect snack to fuel outdoor activities, and how it’s committed to preserving and protecting nature so kids can experience its wonder. The Foundry brought those values to life in a custom destination on PEOPLE and Treehugger. Through a series of talent-led videos, interactive articles, educational games and more, “Unwrap Your Next Adventure” chronicled a real life wilderness field trip — and translated that hands-on experience to a digital environment.

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The Foundry reached out to Emily Calandrelli, an Emmy-nominated science TV host and author, to be the star of the program. With Calandrelli’s educational expertise, Treehugger’s credibility among eco-minded readers and viewers, and PEOPLE’s massive reach and passionate audience, The Foundry created the perfect platform to deliver Nature Valley’s message to families.

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The idea was for Calandrelli to take an elementary school class on a field trip to a California state park, sharing insights on how to explore and protect the great outdoors. Delivering on that concept meant casting kids to give natural performances in the videos, filming authentic snacking moments featuring the Nature Valley product, and capturing unscripted, educational moments between Calandrelli and the students.

The custom destination featured a total of seven videos: a hero video capturing the field trip in full, three one-on-one lessons between Calandrelli and a student, and three interactive 360-degree videos, in which users could rotate images to look around the most interesting locations from the field trip.

Four article pages on the destination gave users the option to play a matching game with leaves and trees, listen to a Q&A with Emily Calandrelli, or download a hiking checklist or a cheat sheet for going birding, hosting an outdoor art class and more. Essentially, The Foundry and Nature Valley brought the interactive, educational elements of an outdoor field trip to the digital destination.

The destination even included the option to play ambient nature sounds, recorded on location during the field trip, allowing users to fully immerse themselves in the experience.

To really drive home the field trip theme, the destination also encouraged users to enter for a chance to win the Ultimate Nature Field Trip Sweepstakes, presented by Nature Valley.

“Unwrap Your Next Adventure” forged an even stronger connection between Nature Valley and active families. By seamlessly integrating the product into a variety of digital and IRL field trips, it helped position Nature Valley as environmentally conscious and kid-friendly — the perfect snack to bring on any outdoor adventure.