Great Calling


Great Britain & Northern Ireland want travelers to discover 
a different side of the UK — and get to know its bold, 
innovative spirit.

For “Great Calling,” Great Britain & Northern Ireland wanted to shine a spotlight on the UK as a forward-thinking hub of ingenuity, creativity, and burgeoning culture. Their aim was to reach a US-based audience with diverse interests and passion points, with the ultimate goal of increasing awareness of, and excitement to visit, this modern, multifaceted destination.

Celebrity Talent Influencer

The Foundry was perfectly positioned to reach this targeted audience at scale. In a custom destination rooted in Travel + Leisure, we married the client’s key pillars — like food, fashion, music, and entertainment — with dedicated Dotdash Meredith brands including Food & Wine, InStyle, PEOPLE, and Entertainment Weekly.

A custom animated video anchored the destination’s landing page, beckoning readers inside an iconic London-style phone booth and prompting them to “answer the call” from Great Britain & Northern Ireland. Sleek, immersive, and engaging, the visual succeeded in the client’s objective to entice curious readers to go beyond what they know and broaden their perceptions of the UK.

Leveraging interviews with visionary chefs, producers, designers, and disruptors, The Foundry created a series of native articles to showcase the breadth of talent and ambition among UK creators. A mix of compelling narratives and actionable travel recommendations positioned Great Britain & Northern Ireland at the forefront of innovation, and ultimately, at the top of readers’ travel lists for original and exciting experiences.