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Campbell’s® is propelling its products into the cultural conversation through a mix of trend-driven social videos and of-the-moment updates to classic recipes.

From its iconic packaging to its role as the secret ingredient in countless comfort foods, there’s no question that Campbell’s® Soup is an American classic. To introduce the brand’s products to a new generation, The Foundry collaborated with Campbell’s® on a multi-year “meal culture engine” — a native content ecosystem capitalizing on seasonal and social-media-driven trends to update classic Campbell’s® recipes and create quick-turn videos for Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest. Our content incubator hinged on a weekly feedback loop and an internal review process. This was designed to organically weave the brand’s products into the cultural conversation and determine the Campbell’s® recipes best-suited for a 2024 refresh — or a complete re-do — with an eye towards modern flavor profiles and popular cooking methods.

Custom Recipe Original Photography

The Foundry combed through hundreds of Campbell’s® recipes — considering factors like prep time, seasonality, cooking method, clarity of instructions, and versatility — to find dishes that could be adapted to suit the modern palate, while still centering Campbell’s® Soup as the key ingredient. Then, drawing from insights sessions, performance analysis, and ongoing trend reports as our foundation, we teamed up with trusted recipe developers to conceptualize 2024 takes on classic dishes — think Party-Size Mac and Cheese Cups, French-Onion-Soup-Smothered Pork Chops, and Mini Beef Stroganoff Pot Pies — which were then turned into custom recipes, complete with thumb-stopping original photography.

We produced a series of social-first, current-event- and trend-driven videos, collaborating with Millennial and Gen-Z editors and culinary professionals to form an instant emotional connection with the brand’s digitally fluent target audience. Campbell’s® products were seamlessly integrated into content surrounding everything from salsa jar omelets and artisanal ice cubes to #GirlDinner and recipes specifically tailored to different zodiac signs.

Light and conversational in tone, with easy-to-follow recipes, tips, and tricks, other, more seasonally-focused video topics ranged from documenting a game-day-inspired chili cookoff (where Campbell’s® Soups were positioned as a time-saving, umami-boosting ingredient) to demonstrating how to turn Campbell’s® Soup into three different rom-com-inspired risottos (with a Valentine’s Day angle, of course) after The Foundry noticed increasing social media interest in throwback romantic comedies.

Through dynamic, multi-channel storytelling, we positioned Campbell’s® as a brand that’s as modern as it is timeless. From leveraging proprietary insight technology to bring Campbell’s® recipes to a new audience, to responding to current trends with engaging, authentic social videos, we’re deepening the brand’s connection with younger consumers. While the campaign is ongoing, The Foundry’s content has proven immensely successful, reaching a target demographic looking for cooking tips and meal inspiration to make their lives easier and more interesting.

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Now in year two of a three-year partnership, our campaign has garnered more than 12.1MM total video views, with an overall engagement rate between 2% (1.9x above industry benchmarks) and 4% (2.3x above industry benchmarks).