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Match Made In Target

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Target wants more shoppers to find affordable beauty and style in every aisle.

Target partnered with The Foundry to show Target consumers—particularly less frequent shoppers—how to find their perfect match at Target, whether it be self-care and wellness essentials, or trendy new styles for an affordable summer wardrobe.
Combining a native destination, reality-TV-inspired videos, native and influencer-led social content, and editors’ picks from InStyle, Byrdie, and The Spruce, the 360-degree partnership inspired interactivity at every touchpoint.

Influencer Original Photography Shoppable

For our native destination rooted in InStyle, The Foundry produced a first-to-market shoppable video experience featuring original “episodes” of a Target matchmaking show, pairing up fashion-focused influencers tasked with finding their shopping partner’s perfect Target “match.”

Entertaining the target audience on-page with trusted talent, interactive shopping carts, and editors’ picks inspired by the show kept viewers engaged at various touch points throughout the experience.

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Episode 1: Spa Edition
Chiara Rose and Amy Serrano shop for self-care essentials for an at-home spa day.

Episode 2: Poolside Edition
Christine Le and her sister Victoria Le shop for fresh pool-day styles.

Each episode engaged viewers with a shopping cart element, allowing viewers to click on their favorite items and add-to-cart as they watched. InStyle and Byrdie distributed longform hero videos on Facebook, driving viewers to the content hub, where they engaged with the interactive elements on-page. Cut-down trailers and teasers made a splash across Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

We leveraged TikTok’s “unbagging” trend with influencer talent showing off sneak peeks of their Target “hauls.” In addition, talent posted Instagram Reels, Stories, and in-feed posts to tease the upcoming episodes with video cut-downs and behind-the-scenes moments.

Finally, “The After Show” featured editors’ picks inspired by the episodes, with our trend-setting experts at InStyle, Byrdie, and The Spruce highlighting each item’s affordability and style. Their picks saw additional action via in-feed carousels on Facebook and Instagram.

The Foundry pinpointed the fun and ease of finding exactly what you need at Target for any occasion—whether it’s a splashy day at the pool or a self-care day at home. Our native content communicated value, convenience, and relatability to readers and viewers, driving positive engagement that exceeded expectations across multiple metrics. Overall, at least half of viewers reported they are likely to shop more frequently at Target.