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The Taste of Success


Lexus Culinary Masters are making waves in the food industry — and the luxury automotive company is empowering them to do so.

To help spread the word about Lexus Culinary Masters, The Foundry created a high-impact faux cover and advertorial for the Game Changers issue of Food & Wine in July 2022.

Celebrity Talent

The custom print spread featured beautiful, client-supplied imagery as well as highlights from a conversation with newly appointed Lexus Culinary Master Kwame Onwuachi. Copy on the faux cover and advertorial page highlighted the world-renowned, Nigerian-American chef as a trailblazing leader in his field, and demonstrated how he embodies Lexus’s core values of quality, innovation, and prestige.

This high-impact unit was a top performer in 2022, with 90% of readers surveyed noting the advertorial page and 82% of those readers taking action.