Workstations, According to Personality

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Staples believes that the best place to start building a foundation for success in your work is the very space in which you do that work.

With that in mind, Foundry and Staples partnered to create "Workstations, According to Personality," including two articles, one premium with custom photography, and one standard, running on Real Simple and PEOPLE.

The aim was to showcase different workstation styles and illustrate how Staples Connect, dedicated to unlocking possibilities in a new world of working and learning, can provide everything you need, no matter your style or business requirements. Interior design expert Tiffany Brooks was a through-line between both pieces, providing her expertise, experience, and helping to curate the spaces. Profiles of the owners of The BackPal and Candletree Soy Candles rounded out the content, providing firsthand accounts of how Staples Connect helps businesses succeed.