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Foundry partnered with Gallo to help position its vast portfolio of wines as the top choice for Meredith readers.

The campaign, which included print and digital elements, resulted in 208,000 pageviews and a 1.2% engagement rate, which is 38% above Meredith’s benchmark. Gallo’s offerings were strategically paired with editorial brands in a way that would appeal to each audience.

Gallo Prophecy: Beautiful, Inside and Out

Inspired by Prophecy Wines’ vibrant labels, Foundry created a custom digital article for Real Simple to showcase how readers could upgrade their at-home dining experiences with monochromatic tablescapes, plus a matching bottle of Prophecy Wine. The article had an engagement rate that was 32% over benchmark.

Gallo Barefoot: Welcome to Wine

In an effort to get Latinx consumers excited about Barefoot Wine, Foundry created an engaging flipcard article featuring custom illustrations for People en Español. Each flipcard paired a different activity, from date night to an at-home spa day, with a Barefoot Wine. According to metrics from a Nielson Branded Content Study, the article generated an 86% increase in familiarity and a 92% increase in purchase intent.

Gallo William Hill: But First, Wine

Leveraging insights that “snacking as a meal” is on the rise, Foundry created a custom tentpole hub that paired William Hill Wine with charcuterie boards. After selecting a wine, readers saw a GIF of the snack board being arranged and could click on hotspots to learn more about each pairing. They were also able to shop the wines directly from the tentpole, which had an engagement rate that was 13% over Meredith’s benchmark.

Gallo Locations: Pour & Explore

Foundry created a premium article for Travel + Leisure to demonstrate how readers could virtually visit five wine destinations with help from Locations Wine. In addition to recommending a wine for each location, the article included food, art, and cultural activities people could experience from their homes, like attending a virtual pasta-making class and browsing Spanish street art on social media. It resulted in a lift 2.2x over Meredith’s engagement rate benchmark.