Can’t Cancel My Pride

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P&G, a longstanding champion of the LGBTQ+ community, approached Foundry to help safely celebrate Pride amidst the global pandemic.

Together with Entertainment Weekly, a publication with a similar commitment to serving the LGBTQ+ community, we developed “Can’t Cancel My Pride,” a content program celebrating the essence of Pride in print.

Foundry created a cohesive narrative that put LGBTQ+ stories in the spotlight through relevant editorial and strategic advertorial adjacencies. Six carefully selected brand integrations highlighted the significance of increasing visibility for LGBTQ+ people in entertainment and advertising, fitting in with the larger narrative focus of EW’s Pride issue.

The success of “Can’t Cancel My Pride” was about cultural awareness, and the reader metrics revealed the brand’s mission rang true with 82% of readers spending 100 minutes reading the issue, and 85% approving of the issue covering lesser-explored LGBTQ+ subjects.