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The Foundry Nominated for Six Folio Digital Awards

We are pleased to announce that The Foundry @ Meredith has been nominated for six Folio Digital Awards, which recognize the best creative minds in the publishing community. This year The Foundry has earned its place amid a group of top contenders as a finalist in multiple categories, including Digital Excellence, Integration with Print, Microsite/Custom Website, and User Experience. Thanks to our dedicated teams and visionary leaders, we’ve successfully redefined the frontiers of product development, digital content, and audience engagement, making The Foundry a multifaceted force to be reckoned with.

Here are the nominations:

Digital Excellence: The Foundry @Time Inc.

Integration with Print: Michelob Ultra – “The Extra Mile”

Microsite/Custom Website: Motorola – “Behind the Cover”

User Experience:
• Ally – “Economy of Allies”
• Maybelline Master Camo – “Color Crash Course”
• Western Union – “Four Degrees of Cash”