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The FOLIO: Digital Award Finalists

The FOLIO: Digital Award Finalists have just been announced and The Foundry has been recognized across five different categories, including video, interactive marketing/advertising campaign, user experience, microsite/custom website, and digital excellence.

The 2019 class of finalists truly represent the best of the best in the digital space, pushing the boundaries of content, product development and audience engagement. Congrats to Visit India, Herbal Essences, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and GEICO!

Campaign / Product Awards Categories

Digital Excellence
The Foundry

Visit India – The India 100
Herbal Essence – Common Scents

Interactive Marketing or Advertising Campaign
Cinnamon Toast Crunch – Fuel Your Family Road Trip Fun

User Experience
Cinnamon Toast Crunch – Fuel Your Family Road Trip Fun

Microsite/Custom Website
GEICO – The Ultimate Guide To Home Protection

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