The Art of Self Esteem

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This peel off cover on Entertainment Weekly comes to life with an augmented reality experience of the co-created film by Cartoon Network’s Rebecca Sugar and Dove’s self esteem project. Cartoon Network and Dove created six animated short films to engage and educate kids about body confidence.

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Dove research found that over half of young girls around the world are not happy with their body image. This year Dove’s message is to make every girl a #confidentgirl inside and out. Dove enlisted the help of Cartoon Network’s Rebecca Sugar who already addresses themes of inclusivity, empathy, and reliability in her animated series Steven Universe.

While growing up, Sugar personally suffered from eating and self-image. Today Sugar  is currently a dove mentor to an aspiring animator Giada Rainey. The two spent an afternoon chatting, drawing, and sharing their own experiences dealing with issues of self esteem.

Dove is hoping that this message will not only capture kids, but also encourage parents to download their educational material. This includes spending an hour talking with someone that they don’t know as their other mission for this year is #HourWithHer. Dove did a peel off cover in May with an augmented reality experience that launched into a short film with actress Chelsea Harris and student Caralyn Singleterry about their experiences dealing with self esteem.