‘Come Alive’ Rehearsal to Screen

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Watch Hugh Jackman’s Showstopping Performance in Virtual Reality

Come Alive – Rehearsal to Screen takes viewers onto the rehearsal stage where Hugh Jackman and the cast of this original musical are putting final touches on the film’s show-stopping number, ‘Come Alive’. From the rehearsal stage you’ll be whisked into the middle of the action on set, experiencing the excitement of movie-making up close and personal as the cast and crew bring this incredible song to life all around you.

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Experience the World of the Greatest Showman

Hugh Jackman is joining the circus and bringing the true story of Barnum and Bailey founder P.T. Barnum to life in his upcoming film The Greatest Showman.

“The guy could turn lemons into lemonade,” says Jackman. “It’s so much fun to play a guy with that kind of bravado, that amount of courage and that ability to dare to see things that no one else could and bring them out into the mainstream.”

In this exclusive video, viewers can go onto the rehearsal stage where Jackman and the cast, which includes Zac EfronZendaya and Michelle Williams, are putting the final touches on the film’s show-stopping number “Come Alive.”

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