Maybelline – Color Crash Course


When Maybelline launched a new makeup product line, the Master Camo Color Correcting Pen, we asked: how do we position these pens as the singular choice for tackling life’s pesky skin tone obstacles? And how can we create a personalized and interactive product experience for people of all skin tones?

Interactive Video

Our Objective

Drive product awareness, educate key beauty consumers, and showcase ease of use through a positive and friendly interactive experience. Leveraging the power of our expansive partner network, we published 6 articles across 6 publications to educate and ultimately drive beauty enthusiasts to Maybelline’s interactive video.


Color Crash Course” – a social-first campaign designed to empower women to address their own unique skincare challenges. Using interactive video and editorial, we wanted to offer our audience a choose-you-own-adventure crash course in color-correcting that was user-friendly and most importantly: useful.