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What We Do

Think of Foundry 360 as a way to leverage both the Foundry’s branded content expertise and Meredith’s publishing resources, data and acumen—all in the service of your brand. Unlike conventional content shops, Foundry 360 has access to real-time intel about where and how our 146 million users are consuming our content across all of Meredith’s channels. Now let’s combine that with

decades of experience in the content marketing space, which means we know how to use content to meet or exceed your business goals, whatever they are—from driving awareness, retaining existing consumers, acquiring new ones, increasing sales, changing perceptions and so much more. Oh, and we’ve done all that for Fortune 500 companies, scrappy start-ups

and every sized company in between, across all industry sectors. What can we do for you?

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What We Do

Foundry 360 Capabilities

Embedded in America’s largest publisher, Foundry 360 draws on the deep resources and capabilities across Meredith, including our in-house data team, video crews, animation studio and more.


CRM & Loyalty

Every CRM and Loyalty program starts with data. We’ll immerse our team in data associated with your consumers. We’ll marry that with intel about how those consumers engage with content. And we’ll craft a strategy—and, ultimately, content—to help you and your consumers live long and happy lives together.

Sample Case Study My Ford

Multichannel Content

As an agency embedded in America’s largest magazine publisher, we understand better than anyone how readers consume print. We have produced virtually every kind of digital content for our clients as well—from building new web channels to managing content programs—in order to drive business goals.


Licensed Content

Meredith Content Licensing curates content from across the Meredith network for use on our clients’ owned and operated channels, including online, email, social and print. Editors help select the best mix of content from our database, which offers 10,000+ recipes and 5,000+ articles, along with high-quality photos and videos.

Sample Case Study Imfinzi

Optional Distribution: Meredith Brands

Foundry 360 does not require a media buy, but some clients choose to take advantage of the customized and highly-targeted audience segments we craft for their brands. The handoff to our paid-media team is seamless, as is the engagement with our data team, who will analyze and help us optimize the results.

Sample Case Study Synchrony Bank

Experiential & Influencer Marketing

For our clients’ brands, Foundry 360 can take advantage of the relationships Meredith has with influencers of all types—across the worlds of entertainment, fashion, food, business and more. Along with engaging the right influencer, we can plan and manage an event involving that influencer or in partnership with a Meredith brand.

Sample Case Study Five Below

Animation & Graphics

Tired of stock photography? While we can work wonders with stock, a more modern approach to visuals includes animated imagery and graphics that are customized to engage your consumer in your voice and style. Our work ranges from shareable social GIFs to complex interactive infographics, as well as animated branded videos.

Sample Case Study Geico - Home Protection


Podcasts have been reinvented for a new kind of listener, and now they offer brands an opportunity to bring a highly immersive content experience to consumers.

We have helped numerous brands launch successful podcast series, often featuring their own in-house talent and subject-matter experts. The medium is a great way to serve up long-form content to on-the-go consumers and demonstrate the brand’s commitment to meeting the target audience’s needs in whatever way—and on whatever device—they prefer.

Sample Case Study Merrill Perspectives Podcast


Foundry 360 has created thousands of videos for our client partners, from simple hands-and-pans cooking demonstrations to filmed entertainment. Clients can take advantage of our expansive roster of video talent around the world, as well as the Meredith network of studios in New York, Des Moines, and our very own Food Studios in Birmingham, Alabama.

Sample Case Study The Singleton


Who knows better than Meredith how consumers engage with content on social channels? No one. And who’s willing to share that intel with your brand? Foundry 360 is, whether as part of a larger content engagement or as a social-only program. We also happily work with our clients’ social teams to adapt content for use on any social channels.

Sample Case Study Five Below


Meredith is an innovator in the field of voice-first content and has deep intel about consumers’ use of voice for search. At Foundry 360, we share that intel with our clients, moving their content programs into the voice space and then evolving that content as voice itself evolves.


Shopper Marketing

For clients with e-commerce platforms, our shopper marketing technologies seamlessly connect their branded content with paths to purchase. Along with real ROI, these data-driven programs generate valuable insights into how content can convert readers to buyers. What kind of messaging leads to “buy now?” Shopper marketing tells you just that.

Sample Case Study Parent's Choice


Because our engagements are grounded in strategy, we don’t kick off a program until we know how we will measure its performance. When any given piece of content misses its mark, we try to optimize it. And when content succeeds, we nudge the program toward what’s working. All of that’s only possible with real-time measurement tools.